Refreshed by Jacob

The advancement in medicine over the last decade has led to a historical imprint, paving the way and desire for more non-invasive treatments in the aesthetics and beauty industry. When you come to Refreshed by Jacob, expect to receive exceptional treatment from Jacob Sanchez CRNA, Medical Director Dr. Annie Casta and our experienced licensed esthetician Aviva Yunger. The combination of Jacob Sanchez’s ability to provide various procedures, such as Non-Surgical Nose Job and Aviva Yunger’s Derma Deep System; a one of kind clinical facial exclusively offered at Refreshed by Jacob, is what provides them the unique distinction amongst any other rejuvenation and wellness clinic in US.

Jacob Sanchez background in Anesthesia allows him to accommodate his patients with the latest pain management techniques, ensuring the patient is comfortable throughout their experience at Refreshed by Jacob.

Services Offered


Skin Care




Hair Restoration

Teeth Whitening

Vitamin B12 Injections